Board of Adjustment

Meetings held as needed on Thursdays at 12:30 p.m at City Hall, 201 N. Buffalo, Canton, Texas.

The Board of Adjustments is empowered to make exceptions to zoning ordinances in accordance with general or special rules contained in the ordinance for the purpose of rendering full justice and equity to the general public.

Members Term
Candice Benson - Chairperson 05/2019 to 05/2021
Terrica Stowell 05/2019 to 05/2021
Jan Adamson 05/2018 to 05/2020
Blake Fowler 05/2018 to 05/2020
Lace Deibert 05/2019 to 05/2021
Buddy Jacobs - Alternate 05/2018 to 05/2020
Members serve two-year terms, with terms expiring May 31.