Fire Department

Bud Sanford, Fire Chief
1390 State Highway 19
P. O. Box 245
Canton, Texas 75103
Phone - (903) 567-6477

Fire Department Permit Application*

The Canton Fire Department consists of a fire chief and three full-time firemen who are backed up by several part-time firemen and volunteers. The fire station is manned twenty-four hours a day/seven days a week. 
The City of Canton Fire Department encourages home safety for the prevention of fires. The following is a fire safety checklist:

  • Do you have a working smoke detector?
  • Have you practiced your emergency exit plan, both at home and on the job?
  • Have you secured all matches and lighters out of reach of preschoolers?
  • Are all family members trained in the “Stop, Drop and Roll” technique?
  • Do you have two ways out of every room in your house without having to hunt for keys to dead-bolts or burglar bars?
  • Do you store flammable liquids, such as gasoline, in approved containers away from sources of ignition?
  • Is your address posted on your home and business so as to be visible to emergency services from the street, even at night?
  • Have you disposed of unneeded combustible items, such as paper, wood scraps and old furniture, both inside and outside of your home? These will add fuel to a fire should one occur.
  • Have children been taught to call 911 in an emergency, but only in an emergency?

CODE RED RESIDENTIAL SERVICE:  Code Red is an emergency notification network that the City of Canton will be utilizing to notify its citizens in the event of an emergency.  Code Red is a telephone based system that allows citizens to log into and register their telephone number to be notified in the case of an emergency such as a tornado warning, hail storm, etc.  If you do not have a land line telephone,  you may choose to register your cell phone or even your internet phone number.  The City of Canton or Code Red will not sell, share or allow your personal information to be accessed by anyone.   TO SIGN UP FOR CODE RED SERVICE, CLICK HERE 

*Plan Submittal Requirements

Civil plans - on a single page of the site plan show existing and proposed:

  1. A.  Fire Lanes
  2. B.  Fire Hydrants
  3. C.  Fire Department Connections (FDC's)
2. Fire Protection Systems - submit
  1. A.  At least three copies of plans. One set will be kept. You may submit more if you need more stamped     copies, at no extra charge.
  2. B.  At least one copy of appropriate "cut sheets"/technical information. These will be kept by the AHJ. More than one copy may be submitted if you need a set returned.
  3. C.  At least one set of calculations as required for the type of plan being submitted (hydraulic for sprinklers, battery for fire alarms, etc.).  These calculations will be kept by the AHJ. More than one copy may be submitted if you need a set returned.