City Council

Mission Statement:
The City of Canton will build upon its unique heritage; provide quality housing, infrastructure and parks; promote economic development, tourism and business and employee opportunities; and manage growth to meet the needs of its current and future residents.

The Canton City Council holds regular meetings at 6:00 p.m. on the third Tuesday of each month at the City Municipal Courtroom, 24980 Hwy 64 East, Canton. Anyone wishing to address the council during a regular meeting may sign up to fifteen minutes prior to the meeting to speak for three minutes.

Council minutes can be found on the Government page under Meetings or in the right-hand column..


Lou Ann Everett, Mayor
5/2015 to 5/2017

Shawn Stewart, Mayor Pro Tem
5/2014 to 5/2016

903-275-8537  or




Nathan Moore
5/2015 to 5/2017

Connie Odic
5/2015 to 5/2017



Cynthia Malouf
 5/2014 to 5/2016

903-340-1949  or

Scott Perkins    
5/2014 to 5/2016

903-567-7650 or