The City Council of the City of Canton, Texas, shall convene a meeting at 6:00 P.M. on November 12, 2020, at its regular meeting place at 201 North Buffalo Street, Canton, TX 75103 and during such meeting, the City Council will consider the passage of an ordinance or ordinances authorizing the issuance of one or more series of interest bearing certificates of obligation in the principal amount not to exceed $5,000,000, for paying all or a portion of the City's contractual obligations to be incurred in connection with the following public projects: (1) constructing, expanding and improving the City’s wastewater plant and wastewater system; (2) constructing, expanding and improving the City’s water plant and water system including raising an existing water storage tower and (3) paying fees for legal, fiscal, engineering, architectural and other professional services in connection with these projects.  Such certificates are to be made payable from ad valorem taxes and a lien on and pledge of surplus revenues of the City's waterworks and sewer system.  The certificates are to be issued, and this notice is given, under and pursuant to the provisions of Texas Local Government Code, Chapter 271, Subchapter C.

The following information is provided to comply with Tex. H.B. 477, 86 Leg., R.S. (2019). The current principal of all outstanding debt obligations of the City is $3,410,522.  The current combined principal and interest on all outstanding debt obligations of the City, paid on time and in full, is $3,799,240. The maximum principal amount of the certificates to be authorized is $5,000,000.00 and the estimated combined principal and interest required to pay the certificates to be authorized on time and in full is $6,154,961. The maximum interest rate for the certificates may not exceed the maximum legal interest rate.  The maximum maturity date of the certificates to be authorized is August 15, 2031. The above information excludes $1,404,000 in principal amount of the outstanding debt obligations the City has designated as self-supporting and which the City reasonably expects to pay from revenue sources other than ad valorem taxes: Combination Tax & Revenue Certificates of Obligation, Series 2017.  In the event these self-supporting revenue sources are insufficient to pay debt service, the City is obligated to levy ad valorem taxes to pay such debt obligations. Information regarding the self-supporting debt and all other debt of the City may be obtained by contacting the Finance Director at 201 North Buffalo Street, Canton, TX 75103 and by phone at (903)567-1841.


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  • IMPORTANT SAFETY INFORMATION: The emergency notification system "CodeRED", which the City of Canton currently uses for emergency alerts and notifications, will be changing to Smart 911 by RAVE Mobile Safety.  Your previous registration under the CodeRED system WILL NOT transfer to the new system, UNLESS you signed up using a land line.  Please go to and register your cell phone, home phone and/or email address.  You must sign up at this link to continue to receive emergency alerts and notifications.  In order to continue to receive automatic weather alerts, you must also OPT IN to the weather warnings during sign up.  The CodeRED system will be deactivated on February 15, 2020, so please register as soon as possible to continue receiving notifications.  The sign up link is also posted on the Van Zandt County website, as well as the City of Canton and City of Canton Fire Rescue Facebook pages.  If you have any questions or problems with registering, please contact the Canton Fire Department at 903-567-6477.   Posted 2/5/2020