• From Canton Police Chief Allison: In two weeks, the City will shoot off air cannons in the area of Elm and Big Rock to eradicate the buzzard problem. Posted 1/13/2020
  • Amended Notice of Receipt of Application and Intent to Obtain Water Quality Permit Amendment - Permit No. WQ0010399002
  • Canton City Council has decided that EFFECTIVE OCTOBER 1, 2019, the City of Canton will no longer provide recycling bins for the public.  Please make alternate arrangements for disposal of your recyclables.  Thank you.  -Lou Ann Everett, Mayor            Posted 9/6/2019
  • ATTN: UTILITY BILLING CUSTOMERS- Canton utility customers will notice an increased emphasis on collecting utility bills prior to termination of services.  The City's policy is to mail bills out on the last day of the month, and bills are due by the tenth (10th) day and late fees are assessed on the eleventh (11th) day of the month.  Termination notices are mailed out on the eleventh (11th) day.  State law requires all customers to receive a ten (10) day notice prior to termination, therefore termination will be effective on the twenty first (21st) day of the month.  We appreciate your understanding and cooperation, as we work hard to do a better job for you than we did the day before. Posted 5/1/2019