Alcohol/Controlled Substances

Alcohol / Controlled Substances
2009-35    Regulating sale of alcholic beverages near schools, daycares, etc.
2010-22    Prohibiting possession, sale or distribution of K-2 and similar chemical substances
2012-05    Authorizing sale of alcoholic beverages during extended hours
2014-06   Collection of fees re sale of alcohol
2016-18   Ordering special local option election to be held 11/8/2016 for the purpose of submitting to the voters two propositions (1) for the legal sale of beer and wine for off-premise consumption only in the City of Canton and (2) for the legal sale of mixed beverages in restaurants by food and beverage certificate holders only in the City of Canton; providing for notice of said election; providing for the use of ES&S Automark Voter Assist Terminal and Model 100 Counting Equipment; providing for early voting; designating polling places and times; providing for interlocal agreement for joint election with Van Zandt County
2019-04   Establishing regulations for the sale and possession of alcoholic beverages by prohibiting thes sale of alcoholic beverages near public schools, private schools, churches or hospitals; prohibiting the sale of alcoholic beverages near day-care centers and child-care facilities; prohibiting the sale of beer in residential areas; prohibiting the consumption of alcoholic beveragesa nd possession of open cobntainers near public or private schools prohibiting the consumption of alocholic beverages and possession of open containers near homeless shelters or substance abuse treatment center; providign for extended hours for sale of mixed beverages; requiring permit fees and permit renewal fees; providing a penalty clause; providing a savings clause