Code of Ordinances

Code of Ordinances for the City of Canton

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Alcohol / Controlled Substances
2009-35 Regulating sale of alcoholic beverages near schools, daycares, etc.
2010-22 Prohibiting possession, sale or distribution of K-2 and similar chemical substances
2012-05 Authorizing sale of alcoholic beverages during extended hours
2014-06 Collection of fees re sale of alcohol
2016-18 Sale of beer & wine for off-premise consumption and mixed-beverages in restaurants
2019-04 Establishing regulations for the sale and possession of alcoholic beverages by prohibiting the sale of alcoholic beverages near public schools, private schools, churches, or hospitals; prohibiting the sale of alcoholic beverages near day-care centers and child-care facilities; prohibiting the sale of beer in residential areas; prohibiting the consumption of alcoholic beverages and possession of open containers near public or private schools; prohibiting the consumption of alcoholic beverages and possession of open containers near homeless shelters or substance abuse treamtnet centers; providing for extending hourse for sale of mixed beverages; requiring permit fees and permit renewal fees

Animal Control      
2016-21  Animal Control
2019-18 Animal Control
2020- 23                       Animal Control                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           

Audits / Budgets / Finance
2010-04 Authorize issuance of $1,060,000 utility revenue bonds
2010-18 Authorizing sale of 2010 Ltd tax notes from street / utility improvements
2012-10 Adopt FY Budget 2012-2013
2012-11 Adopt Tax Rate FY 2012
2012-14 CEDC Budget amendment
2013-17 Amending Fiscal Year 2012-2013 Budget
2013-16 Adopt FY Budget 2013- 2014
2013-21 Amending Fiscal Year 2012-2013 Budget
2014-16 Adopt Year-end Budget Amendments
2015-02 Authorizing issuance and sale of Texas tax notes, Series 2015
2015-04 Amending FY 2014-2015 budget
2015-23 Amending FY 2014-2015 budget
2015-27 Amending FY 2014-2015 budget
2016-05 Amending FY 2015-2016 budget
2016-11 Amending FY 2015-2016 budget
2016-19 Amending FY 2015-2016 budget
2016-23 Amending budget for FY 2015-2016
2016-24 Amending budget for FY 2016-2017
2016-25 Amending budget for FY 2015-2016
2016-32 Adopting FY 2016-2017 budget
2017-07 Amending budget for FY 2016-2017
2017-11 Adopting FY 2017-2018 budget
2018-16 Adopting FY 2018-2019 budget
2019-11 Adopting FY 2019-2020 budget
2019-15 Amending FY 2018-2019 budget

2004-33 Landscaping Standards
2007-13 Parking Regulations; Outdoor Displays; Use and Parking of RV's
2008-10 Minimum Exterior Standards for All Structures
2008-19 Subdivision Ordinance
2010-11 Regulations for drainage and storm water maintenance
2010-12 Flood Damage Prevention
2013-06 Amending definition of ETJ in subdivision ordinance
2015-10 Updating Building Codes
2016-07 Substandard Building Ordinance
2016-08 Establishing amendments to 2006 International Property Maintenance Code and providing for Enforcement and Administration of Building and Property Maintenance Provisions
2017-14 Minimum Exterior Standards
2018-08 Establishing regulations for the use of cargo, shipping containers or storage containers and accessory buildings
2018-09 Updating Building Codes

2016-03 Order calling May 7, 2016 General Election
2016-04 Cancelling May 7, 2016 General Election, Declaring Shawn Stewart, Cynthia Malouf and Steven Scott Perkins councilmembers
2016-18 Calling special local option liquor election to be held 11/8/2016 for purpose of submitting to voters two propositions to legalize
2018-01 Calling election for May 5, 2018 
2018-07 Cancelling election for May 5, 2018
2019-03 Calling general election for May 4, 2019
2019-07 Cancelling election called for May 4, 2019 and declaring Lou Ann Everett Mayor and Nathan Moore and Randon Sumner councilmembers
2020-1 Calling general election for May 2, 2020
  Calling general election for November 3, 2020
2021-1 Calling general election for May 1, 2021
2021-7 Cancelling election called for May 1, 2021, and declaring Lou Ann Everett Mayor and Nathan Moore and Randonm Sumner councilmembers

2003-13 Establishing Municipal Court Technology Fee
2012-06 Amending City Fee Schedule for wastewater fees
2013-18 Schedule of Fees
2014-18 Adopting Amended Schedule of Fees
2016-31 Fee Schedule
2017-13 Fee Schedule
2018-04 Amending Fee Schedule
2018-15 Fee Schedule
2019-13 Fee Schedule
2020-18 Fee Schedule

First Monday
2011-10 First Monday policies
2012-09 2013 First Monday Policies
2013-12       Application process to rent motorized personal transportation devices
2013-15 First Monday policies
2014-11 First Monday policies
2016-15 First Monday policies
2017-08 First Monday policies
2017-19 First Monday Policies
2018-10 First Monday Policies
2018-11 First Monday Policies

2009-33 Financing new fire truck
2011-18 Adopt amendment re recodification of ordinances
2012-01 Records Management
2013-10 Amendment to Future Land Use Plan of Comprehensive Plan - changed to High Density Residential on 21.15 acres owned by B. Young on  FM 859
2018-29 Amusement Game Rooms
2019-06 Ethics for Public Officers and Officials
2019-08 Water Conservation
2020-19 ROW Maintenance

2007-17 Establishing Hours for Use of Canton City Parks
2017-05 Mill Creek Reservoir regulations
2018-05 Lake regulations

2010-03 Sign Ordinance (supercedes 97-03 and 2009-32)
2010-25 Regulation of monuments/statues 
2016-22 Sign Ordinance (supercedes 2010-03)

Streets / Parking / Vehicles
2013-13 Establishing 2-hour parking on Buffalo
2015-05 Junked Vehicles
2015-06 Maximum weight allowed on city streets
2016-12 Two hour parking on Dallas Street between Buffalo and Grand Saline
2016-14 Approving Municipal Maintenance Agreement with TxDOT
2017-18 Establishing 2-hour parking on Terrell Street and Buffalo Street
2021-06 Prohibiting Parking or Standing of Vehicles on College Streets (both sides) from Athens St. to Big Rock Street

2009-05 Solicitation Ordinance
2011-01 Amendment to Solicitation Ordinance

2009-27 Repealing Local Sales and Use Tax Exemption on Telecommunications Services 
2010-16 Levying Ad Valorem Taxes for 2010
2011-12 Levying Ad Valorem Taxes for 2011
2012-11 Levying Ad Valorem Taxes for 2012
2013-17 Levying Ad Valorem Taxes for 2013
2014- Levying Ad Valorem Taxes for 2014
2015-21 Levying Ad Valorem Taxes for 2015
2016-33 Levying Ad Valorem Taxes for 2016
2017-13 Levying Ad Valorem Taxes for 2017
2018-17 Levying Ad Valorem Taxes for 2018
2019-12 Levying Ad Valorem Taxes for 2019
2021-12 Levying Ad Valorem Taxes for 2020

2010-08 Atmos Energy
2010-19 Atmos extension of rate review mechanism and for steel line replacement cost recovery
2011-03 Burying Underground Cable
2011-08 Oncor Rate Settlement Agreement
2013-08 Approve Atmos Rate Revenue mechanism
2013-23 Atmos Energy
2017-09 Atmos Energy
2017-10 Regulations for Construction, Placement, Excavation in ROW's and Public Easements by Cert. Telecommunications Providers
2019-05 Oncor Agreement
2019-14 Atmos Energy

2006-18 First Monday Business SUP
2006-15 R1 to RPO - 141 Eubank
2006-19 R1 to RPO - 141 Eubank
2006-25 RA to B2 on 8.779 acres in J. Douthit Survey, on Hwy 243 East (Bridwell Shopping Center)
2008-07 East Foster Street
2008-24 Ranchero Specific Use Permit for Private Club
2008-28 SUP at 14786 FM 859 for communications tower for broadband internet
2009-11 Zoning change from RA to B2 - Addudel / Hale property on Burnett Trail
2009-16 Zoning change from RA to B2 - 24980 Hwy 64 East
2009-17 SUP for Private Club at Mill Creek RV Park
2009-30 Zoning Change FMB to B2 - 170 N Trade Days Blvd. Lot 29 only
2009-31 SUP for assisted living facility, 575 Hwy 243 West
2009-36 Amend Future Land Use Plan for CBD - Groves to Peace, Hwy 19 to Little
2009-37 FMB-1 to B1 from Groves to Terrell and Little to Trade Days Blvd.
2009-39 Zoning for 4.86 acres on Hwy 19 S from RA to B2 for nursing home
2010-10 Rezone 1.57 acres at 24780 Hwy 64 E to B2
2010-13 Zoning change from RA to B2 - 17375 Hwy 19 South
2010-26 SUP for Lakeside to erect cross
2011-07 B2 zoning for 21620 I-20 (Zanbaka)
2011-15 Amend Future Land Use Plan to low density residential at 203 Bois D'Arc
2012-04 Zoning 2.2 acre tracks on Hwy 19 S to B1 and granting SUP for assisted living facility
2012-13 From RA to R1 - 640 Cherry Creek
2012-14 SUP for B&B at 611 S. Trade Days Blvd.
2013-02 Grant SUP for residential / apt dwellings on 2nd and /or 3rd floors of 130 W. Tyler Street
2013-05 Amending Comprehensive Plan to allow multi-family apts on 8.84 acres in J. Douthit Survey off Arnold Paul/Hwy 243
2013-06 Changing zoning from RA to MF2 on 8.84 acre tract at Arnold Paul Road/Hwy 243
2013-11 Changing zoning from RA to MF-2 on 21.15 acres owned by Bryan Young on FM 859
2013-14 Specific Use Permit for restaurant - private club at 17729 I-20
2013-22 Change zoning at 17729 I-20 from RA to B-2
2013-24 Changing Zoning on The Mountain from RA to FMB-1
2014-05 SUP Permit in GI-1 for RV Storage facilities
2014-08 SUP in B-2 zoning to allow construction of wireless tower - 1503 N Trade Days Blvd.
2014-09 SUP Permit in B-2 zoning for Bed & Breakfast - 503 W. Hwy 243
2014-10 Change of zoning from MF-1 to B-2 - 710 W. Dallas
2015-07 Changing zoning from MF-1 to B-2 at 500 W. Dallas, owned by Deen
2015-08 Changing future land use plan from Gateway to B-2 on Trade Days Blvd. between Church and College - owned by Lewis
2015-09 Changing zoning from Gateway to B-2 on Trade Days Blvd. between Church and College - owned by Lewis
2017-05 Changing zoning at 1089 W. Dallas from B-1 to B-2 (Lucky Food Mart)
2017-15 Amending PD of Deer Meadow Subdivision
2017-16 Changing zoning at 570 W. Hwy 243 from R-1 to B-2 (Rogers)
2018-14 Granting SUP for B&B at 133 S Buffalo
2018-23 Approving Specific Use Permit for Drive-Through Restaurant in B-2 zoning at 211 E. Peace Street
2018-31 Changing zoning at the SW corner of Athens Street and Elm Street from R-1 to R-2
2019-01 Changing zoning at 13785 State Hwy 19 from RA to PD (Silver Spur Resort)
2019-02 Changing zoning at 703 and 705 Avenue B from R-1 to R-2 (Block 22, Lot 2, Woodland Hills West Addition)
2019-09 Changing zoning at 1521 N. Trade Days Blvd from B-2 to PD (Canton RV Park)
2020-02 ZONING ORDINANCE (replaces 1985 Zoning Ordinance)
2020-04 Changing zoning for 9.740 acre tract at Hwy 243 and Lazy U from RA to R-2
2020-05 Granting SUP for day care facility at 1480 S. Buffalo
2020-10 Changing zoning from RA to B2 at intersection of Hwy 243 and 64 (RYHN)
2020-17 Amending Appendix in Zoning ordinance for Silver Spur Resorts
2020-20 amending Ordinance 2020-2, Section 11.1 by amending the permitted use table to allow short-term rentals with a specific use permit in the Gateway District 
2020-22 Changing zoning at 507 E Elm from R-1 to R-2
2020-26 amending Ordinance 2020-2 granting a specific use permit in the Gateway District for the operatin of a short-term rental at 402 E. College
2020-28 amended Ordinance 2020-2 regarding food trucks within city limits
2020-29 amending Ordinance 2020-2 granting a specific use permit for the operation of a food truck park in First Monday Business District at 176 N. Trade Days Blvd.
2021-5 changing zoning on 6.05 acre tract of land at 312 Burnett Trail (with adjoining rodway) owned by CEDC