What are park hours?
It shall be unlawful for any person to enter into or upon any of the parks and recreation facilities designated below between the following hours:

10 pm and dawn Cherry Creek Park at 1200 Cherry Creek Road
10 pm and dawn Mill Creek Reservoir Park at 410 Arnold Paul road (except lake fishing)
10 pm and dawn First Monday Park at 110 Groves Street (except as reserved for First Monday and special events)
12 am and dawn Old City Lake Park at 885 Old Kaufman Road
Who do I call to report park maintenance items such as broken irrigation heads, park lights out, broken tree limbs, shrubs that need trimming, etc.?
City Hall at (903) 567-1841.
Can I bring alcohol in the park?
No. Alcohol is not allowed in Canton Parks by ordinance.
Can I ride my motorized scooter or 4-wheeler in park trails?
Is my dog welcome in Canton parks?
Of course, however per Canton ordinance, all dogs must remain on leash, and you must pick up after your animal.
Can I boat or swim in Canton lakes?
Boats are allowed on Mill Creek Lake. Anyone using the boat ramps should obtain a launch permit from the Canton Police Department. Swimming is also allowed, although there are no lifeguards present. Jet skis are not permitted. Pulling of any persons behind is also not allowed. For more information, please see the ordinance.

Swimming is allowed at Old City Lake. Boats are also allowed but speed must be low enough that a wake is not created.
Can I use my remote controlled model boat on the lakes?
There is a sick or dead duck in the lake, who do I call?
Animal Control (903) 567-4880 (after hours call Police Department at 903-567-4991)
Is hunting allowed on the lakes?
Only duck hunting allowed at Mill Creek Lake in designated areas. See ordinance for more details. 
Is camping allowed on the lakes?
No overnight camping is allowed.

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