You Should Know

You Should Know

As a Canton Business, You Should Know:

A copy of the Application submittal and review of commercial guidelines is available from the Building Inspector at City Hall, 201 N. Buffalo, Canton.

Persons desiring a permit for a home occupation business shall make application for same to the Building Inspector. Such application shall contain the following information: name of applicant, location of residence where home occupation will be conducted, total floor area of residence; area of room(s) to be utilized in conduct of home occupation, a sketch with dimensions showing the floor plan and area to be utilized for conduct of the home occupation; and the exact nature of the home occupation. The Building Inspector shall determine whether the home occupation is clearly incidental and subordinate to the dwelling unit.



Any construction activity on sites that disturbs five (5) acres of more of land must file for a “storm water permit” with the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality. Construction sites that disturb at least one (1) acre, but less than five acres, may also require a storm water permit from the TCEQ. For questions and answers concerning the requirement for storm water permits, please visit here or contact the Water Quality Division MC 148 at (512) 239-4671 or Water Quality Division MC 148, TCEQ, P.O. Box 13087, Austin, TX 78711-3087.

For commercial plans submittal guidelines, click here.

For power outages, please contact Oncor directly at

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