Fire Department




Bud Sanford, Fire Chief
1390 S Trade Days Blvd
Canton, Texas 75103
Phone - (903) 567-6477

The Canton Fire Department is a combination department which consists of eleven full-time personnel, including a Fire Chief, a Fire Captain, three Lieutenants and six firefighters who are backed up by part-time and volunteer firefighters.  There are three full-time personnel assigned to each shift who work 48/96's.  The Fire Department Captain also handles code enforcement for the City of Canton.

Physical Ability Test                                                             Fire Department Permit Application                                                                                Fire Certificate of Occupancy Overview


Plan Submittal Requirements
Civil plans - on a single page of the site plan show existing and proposed:

  • Fire Lanes
  • Fire Hydrants
  • Fire Department Connections (FDC's)
2. Fire Protection Systems
  • At least three copies of plans. One set will be kept. You may submit more if you need more stamped     Copies, at no extra charge
  • At least one copy of appropriate "cut sheets"/technical information. These will be kept by the AHJ. More than one copy may be submitted if you need a set returned
  • At least one set of calculations as required for the type of plan being submitted (hydraulic for sprinklers, battery for fire alarms, etc.).  These calculations will be kept by the AHJ. More than one copy may be submitted if you need a set returned.
          IMPORTANT SAFETY INFORMATION:  Smart 911 by RAVE Mobile Safety.   Please go to and register your cell phone, home phone and/or email address.  You must sign up at this link to to receive emergency alerts and notifications.  In order to continue to receive automatic weather alerts, you must also OPT IN to the weather warnings during sign up.  The sign up link is also posted on the Van Zandt County website, as well as the City of Canton and City of Canton Fire Rescue Facebook pages.  If you have any questions or problems with registering, please contact the Canton Fire Department at 903-567-6477.   Posted 6/24/2021