Canton 2023 Vision
FY 2022-2023


Goal 1: Improve communications with the citizens and local organizations

Objective 1: Actively promote the involvement of citizens on city boards, commissions and committees
Objective 2: Maintain an "open door" policy between the citizens and city management
Objective 3: Prioritize good customer relations and improve training of city employees interacting with citizens
Objective 4: Develop a constant presence in the community by city employees and officials attending community events and attending service organization and special committee meetings
Objective 5: Continue regular communications via website, newsletter, newspaper and special promotions, including financial transparency postings
Objective 6: Continue regular meetings between elected officials and city managers and secretaries of cities in Van Zandt County
Objective 7: Develop regular meetings between the city, county and school district

Goal 2: Improve long-range planning

Objective 1: Use Comprehensive Plan as the guideline for all future policies and development
Objective 2: Continue to follow the city's capital improvements plan
Objective 3: Continue to develop short- and long-term water management plans to meet present and future water demands for the City of Canton, including conservation efforts
Objective 4: Continuously work on upgrading infrastructure with a focus on street improvements

Goal 3: Follow sound financial policies

Objective 1: Consider using certificates of obligation and limited tax notes for long-term debt as well as government-approved investments
Objective 2: Continue with plan to use First Monday funds to retire debt and for capital improvements vs. transfers to City funds for operational purposes
Objective 3: Continue multi-year plan for Water and Wastewater Funds to become self-supporting and pay for their own capital improvements
Objective 4: Use long-term debt when it makes good sense, but reduce long-term debt in the long-run and improve credit ratings in the short-run
Objective 5: Maintain the adopted reserve policy for each fund and debt service
Objective 6: Maximize grants and other resources to fund projects

Goal 4: Address organizational issues

Objective 1: Prioritize the development of a cooperative environment and seek unification of the community
Objective 2: Determine and emulate “best practices” in customer service throughout the organization
Objective 3: Promote a "Public Servant" mentality at every level of the organization
Objective 4: Support training and professional development of staff and elected officials; develop a program for succession planning
Objective 5: Review organization, re-align to level workload, and improve management in the organization

Goal 5: Promote a positive environment for economic development in the community

Objective 1: Support policies to encourage housing development
Objective 2: Support policies to encourage retail, commercial and industrial development
Objective 3: Follow infrastructure guidelines for future residential and commercial development
Objective 4: Continue efforts to coordinate and market local medical facilities and services

Goal 6: Enhance the quality of life in Canton

Objective 1: Continue pursuing recreational, cultural and aesthetic improvements in the community
Objective 2: Continue funding capital expenditures for infrastructure improvements
Objective 3: Initiate another phase of major quality street improvements
Objective 4: Continue maintenance projects  to slow sedimentation in Lake Canton
Objective 5: Initiate water conservation campaign and efforts
Objective 6: Continue to develop and improve City parks

Goal 7: Enhance the First Monday experience for the vendors, customers and citizens

Objective 1: Use Master Plan as guideline for development of First Monday
Objective 2: Fund Master Plan improvements annually
Objective 3: Develop formalized method for management to receive feedback from vendors on a regular basis