Parking Standards

# of Parking Spaces
Required for Each
Additional Parking Required
Single Family  2 Dwelling Unit  
Duplex  2 Dwelling Unit  
Townhouses  2 Dwelling Unit  
Garage Apartment  1 Dwelling Unit  
Apartment  2 Dwelling Unit for first 50 units; thereafter, 1.75 parking spaces for each unit  
Boarding or Rooming House  1 Rooming Unit  
Hotel, Motel  1 Guest room or residence unit up to 100 units, then 0.75 per unit over 100 Minimum of 3 spaces for first 100 s.f.
Mobile Home  2 Lot, plot, tract  
Travel Trailer  1 Lot, plot, tract  
Private Dormitory  1 Unit designed for two occupants  
Bed and Breakfast  1 Guest room in addition to those required for principal residence