Welcome letter from Mayor and General Information
How do I sign up for water service?
 Come to the Canton City Hall at 201 N. Buffalo, Canton, Texas (903-567-2826).  A $100 deposit is required for residential service and $150 deposit for commercial.
When will I be billed?

Water billing is done on the 25th of each month, or next business day.  Payments are due upon receipt, and late fees are accrued on the 11th, or next business day, of the month. 

Bill payments may be mailed to or paid in person at 201 N. Buffalo, Canton, TX 75103, Monday through Friday, 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.  There is a drop box in the parking lot for non-cash payments made after 5 p.m. or on weekends.  You may also make payments online through the eBill system by using the icon on the right-hand side of the website page. 

Who do I contact for service after hours?
If you need help with a water break, sewer problem, street repair, etc., please contact the Utilities Department at (903) 567-2826 during regular business hours. In the case of an after-hour emergency, contact the police department at (903) 567-4991.
How do I obtain an address for new construction?
To obtain an address for new construction or to verify an address for an existing property, the owner must contact ETCOG at 844-447-6911 or https://www.pineywoods911.com/9-1-1-verification-or-request.
What about ambulance service?
We have contracted with Champion EMS to provide ambulance service in the City of Canton.  The ambulance fee provides for the availability of ambulance services to residents of Canton.  The contract requires Champion EMS to stage two ambulances in the area for emergency response.  If you subscribe, your insurance will be billed, and you do not have to pay anything as long as the service is deemed medically necessary by your doctor.  Service is provided for this area only.  You may also select your destination, within reason, unless emergency personnel determine you need to be taken to the nearest hospital.  If you subscribe and are billed inappropriately, please let Champion EMS know you are a subscriber with the City of Canton or call Debra Johnson at (903) 567-1841 for assistance.  If your insurance carrier determines the service was not medically necessary, you will be responsible for the bill.  You may contact the billing agency about correcting or modifying the coding of your bill and/or appeal the decision with your insurance carrier.
When will my trash be picked up?
All trash pick up will be on Mondays, excluding dumpster services.  You are to have your garbage out, using the provided Sanitation Solutions polycart, by 7am.  Trash service runs on all holidays, except for Christmas Day.
Can I burn my trash at my house?
No outdoor burning is allowed without first obtaining a permit from the Fire Department located at 1390 S Trade Days Blvd.  Residential burn permits are $20.00 and commercial are $200.00. Contact the Fire Department at (903) 567-6477 for more information.
How do I report a power outage to Oncor?
My street light is out or flickers on and off. How do I get it repaired?
 Streetlight outages may be reported online at OncorStreetLight.com.  They ask that you provide basic contact information in case additional information or clarification is needed, so that they can locate and repair the light quickly.  You can also report a streetlight outage by phone by calling 1.888.313.4747.
If the light you are reporting is a highway light, how do I report it?
TxDOT has a toll free customer complaint line 800-55TxDOT (800-558-9368) available Monday through Friday between 8 am and 5 pm.
What about my pets?
Pet ownership in the City is limited to 2 cats and/or dogs if you live in a residence with a shared wall (duplex, apartment) and limited to 4 cats, 4 dogs, or a combination of the two if you are in a house with a non-shared wall (single family residence). The ordinance prohibits loose animals, tethered animals unless a person is in attendance, livestock, venomous snakes, endangered species, vicious animals, etc. Recurring barking or noise is also restricted as a nuisance.
Where can I park my RV/boat?
RV/boat parking is permitted in the back yard or on a side yard of the property.

You must meet the setbacks for the property when parking in the side yard (generally from 5-8 feet from the property line) and the vehicle should not extend past the front edge of the house.
Can I fish at Old City Lake or Mill Creek Lake?
Yes. Fishing is permitted in both lakes with a valid fishing license. Although boats are not permitted on Old City Lake, you may use a boat ramp on Mill Creek Lake after obtaining a permit from the Canton Police Department located at 555 W Hwy 243.

The boat permit is $5 for a daily permit and $25 for an annual permit. Canton citizens, with proof of residence within the city, are given permits at no cost. Boats that are picked up and placed in the lake require no permit.
Does City Hall have records of marriage, birth or death?
No. Marriage licenses, birth certificates and death certificates may be obtained from the Van Zandt County Clerk at the County Courthouse, 2nd floor. Phone (903) 567-7555.
Where do I get my driver's license changed/renewed?
 You may go to the Texas Department of Public Safety on Trade Days Blvd. (Highway 19) in Canton.
Where do I take my bulky trash items?
One bulk item per week will be picked up at your home up to one cubic yard.  The item may be picked up separately from your garbage.  All items must meet standards for acceptance by a landfill.  

This includes refrigerators and freezers which must have CFCs removed by a certified technician (it will not be picked up without a technician-certified red tag), stoves and ranges, water heaters, swing sets, bicycles (without tires), scrap metal, copper and similar domestic appliances.  It excludes tires, batteries, paint, hazardous materials and construction debris produced by a commercial service provider hired by the customer. 

The Transfer Station is also available to take bulky items from 8:00 a.m. Monday - 4:30 p.m. Friday (closed 12-1 for lunch). The Transfer Station is also open from 8:00 a.m. to Noon on Saturdays. For a schedule of fees, please see Transfer Station under Departments headings.  The Transfer Station is operated by Sanitation Solutions, and the contact number is 903-784-0124.
Do I need to obtain a building permit to get an accessory building/storage unit?
Yes. Building permits may be obtained from the Building Inspector at City Hall, 201 N. Buffalo, Canton, Monday - Friday 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. (903) 567-1841.

Please keep in mind any accessory buildings located on your property must meet the guidelines for setbacks as required by the 1985 Zoning Ordinance. You may check with the Building Inspector about your setbacks.
How do I make a complaint about a code enforcement issue (i.e., high grass, junked vehicles)?
All code enforcement complaints must be in writing and submitted to the Canton City Hall by fax at 903-567-1793, by e-mail at canton@cantontx.gov or in person at 201 N. Buffalo. 

Please click here for the complaint form.

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