First Monday

First Monday


FREE FIRST MONDAY PARKING:  Canton residents can park at First Monday for free once a month by simply bringing your most recent City of Canton water bill to the parking lot on FM 859. Thank you for your patience and understanding during First Monday.

What most people don’t realize about First Monday is it has developed into a business not only for the City of Canton, but for several private individuals as well. The original First Monday Trade Days was started in the 1850’s on the streets of downtown Canton and was moved to six acres off the square during the 1960’s. Various individuals have acquired property in the area surrounding the six acres and developed their own “First Monday” sales areas. The following map shows the locations of the different areas:

It is recommended that you contact any market you are interested in by phone and talk to a live person to get a better understanding of each markets terms and conditions. Each market controls their own spaces and rental pricing along with all details and rules of use, etc.

Vendor Information for First Monday Trade Days:

Original First Monday Trade Days
Located just west of Highway 19 and north of Highway 64
Open air spaces (reserved and unreserved), Trade Centers I, II, III and IV, Civic Center and Dry Creek Landing (our new lock and leave)
(903) 567-6556

Original Pavilions / Arbors
Open air and enclosed pavilions located just north of Original Grounds on Hwy. 19.
(903) 567-1144

Old Mill Marketplace
Pavilions and open-air spaces facing Hwy.64 across from animal grounds
(903) 567-5445

The Mountain
500+ individual permanent shops, next door to Old Mill Marketplace
(903) 567-5445

The Village
Over 12 acres of permanent shops, next door west of Old Mill Marketplace on Highway 64
(903) 567-5445

Canton Marketplace
1455 N. Trade Days Blvd. (Hwy. 19)
A/C and Heated, over 300 vendors
(903) 567-7772

Canton Trade Center Pavilion
Open air and enclosed pavilion at Highways 19 & 64
(903) 567-4343

Animal Grounds:

Curry Animal Grounds
Several acres on Highway 64 east of downtown. Animals and other merchandise sold.
(903) 567-6197

McLemee Animal Grounds
South side of Tyler St. between Hwy. 19 & 64.
(903) 567-1177

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